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Start leading with Objectives and Key Results, the Silicon Valley leadership model. With OKR Academy you will understand the core principles of the OKR model and learn how to implement the method in your company. 


What We Think

In today’s business world there are only two things you need to focus on: Developing clear strategies for your organization and implementing a system that creates radical focus in the execution of those strategies!

What’s important in today’s world?

In our complex world, organizations need to focus on taking the right decisions on a strategic level and on the execution thereof. Success on an economic level always follows the achievement of the right goals on different content-based levels, which need to follow the values and the purpose of the organization. We make sure, that all opportunities are evaluated in that context and that clear strategies are derived. Together we can then decide, which are the steps to take on now and what needs to happen further down the road. Through a highly transparent OKR process, we enable the whole company to contribute to the definition and alignment of the most meaningful goals for the near future and therefore increase the probability of achieving those goals to a maximum.

Successful organizations have two major tasks: Knowing where they want to be in 10 years, and defining what needs to be done over the next three months. Therefore, we developed the Strategy Retreat Program for companies to set a strong foundation with a clear Vision, Mission and Strategies. The implementation of the OKR Method then helps to set the right focus in the operative execution of the longterm strategies. From there on it is all about the people who make an organization: everybody needs to understand what big goal he/she contributes to with his/her daily work and find meaning in this pursuit. We need strong values, healthy collaboration and a clear focus on the most important topics. After that come lean processes and the efficient allocation of resources. We are convinced that the results that an organization can achieve that way are going to be a lot better than those you achieve with the insignificant goals and micro-management that are the sad reality in many companies.

A strong Vision helps to be successful by helping to identify the right strategic decisions and keep focus.

How do we support our clients?

We support organizations by re-defining success. We provide a new perspective on topics that have been discussed many times internally. We create clarity by identifying the common Mission and by developing the Strategies that will lead to success. We make sure that these Strategies are consequently pursued, in an agile way – ineffective noises need to be ignored ignored! And most important, we create the framework for the people within an organization to take their own decisions and to create ideas that contribute to the overarching purpose.

We bring our own experience in Management and Leadership to the table and help to make sure that strategies and focus are not buried in daily business noise. Therefore, our clients not only approach us when they are in trouble, but use our strategic input when they want to improve something. We help to identify these potential improvements by grasping the core of the organization and understanding the big picture.

Vision, Mission & Strategies

Many clients approach us because they want to implement OKRs in their company in order to increase focus and execute quicker. During the first contacts, many times we discover that the topics of Vision, Mission and Strategies are not as clear as they should be. Therefore we designed our Strategy Retreat Program to help organizations to define their purpose and to develop the strategies in order to work towards the overarching Vision.

The OKR Method

The OKR Method is what most organizations want because they expect it to solve many of the problems they have: too many projects at a time, projects stay unfinished, scarce resources are not allocated effectively, people are frustrated and strategically important projects do progress as quick as they need to. In order to support our clients we have developed formats that address the needs of our clients:

  • Learn about the basics of the OKR Method in our Online Course

  • Challenge your OKR rollout plan in a 2-hour-video-vonference

  • Get remote support for your OKR Champion and Leadership Team throughout the OKR rollout

  • Use our OKR implementation process for a guided OKR implementation with online training, workshop moderation and support for all peer groups throughout your rollout phase


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