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Start leading with Objectives and Key Results, the Silicon Valley leadership model. With OKR Academy you will understand the core principles of the OKR model and learn how to implement the method in your company. 


OKR Academy Blog

On The OKR Academy Blog we regularly post customer stories, give best practice OKR examples and write about working with OKRs. Besides articles directly related to OKRs, we try to blend in some digest topics that may or may not be linked to Objectives and Key Results.

The ideal agenda for OKR Meetings

Marco Alberti

Few things are as unproductive as a status-update meeting with a large number of participants. For this reason, there are no pure status-update meetings in our OKR framework. All OKR meetings are working meetings and serve to share information quickly and/or solve problems efficiently.

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Why you should not link OKRs with a Bonus Systems

Marco Alberti

There are many reasons for OKRs to fail or not to work properly. One of these reasons is the linking of OKRs and bonus systems or individual incentives. Whenever a company tries to use OKRs as a performance management method, most of the benefits of the OKR framework are lost. In this article we give a brief overview of why OKRs are not a performance management tool and how to deal with bonus systems besides OKRs.

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The role of the OKR Champion

Marco Alberti

The OKR Champion – many refer to the role as OKR Master – is a central figure in the OKR implementation and the go to person within the company for any OKR related questions. However, the role is being misinterpreted in many companies and responsibilities are pushe towards the champion instead of the company leaders. In this article we clearly describe what is and is not part of the role of the OKR Champion.

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